Glazing project : Ernest-Cormier courthouse (Court of Appeal of Quebec in Montreal)

Project description

The Ernest-Cormier courthouse is a heritage building located in Old Montreal. The building was erected between 1922 and 1926 based on plans drawn up by three great architects including the famous Ernest Cormier. It currently houses the Court of Appeal of Quebec. Ernest Cormier played a vital role in the design of the building and changed history with his avant-garde approach so the courthouse was named after this architect who contributed so much to Quebec.

In 2018, the Groupe Brosseau Vitrerie team worked on the restoration of this historic building, replacing interior windows and restoring the exterior heritage windows. This major project cost approximately $2 million.

During the works, over 400 unique windows were either replaced or restored, several of which contained curved windowpanes. Groupe Brosseau Vitrerie worked during the night so as not to disturb hearings or staff working in the judges’ offices.

A combination of the unique character of the windows and the level of coordination required onsite posed a challenge. Regardless, due to the experience and know-how of our team of experts, this project was completed successfully within the established timeline.

Works carried out

Commercial windows



General Contractor

MGB Associés Inc.


Fournier, Gersovitz, Moss, Drolet et associés architectes


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