Glazing project : Sainte-Dorothée community centre

Project description

The opening of the new Sainte-Dorothée community centre, scheduled for fall of 2018, is one of the City of Laval’s main initiatives aimed at expanding the number of community, cultural and sporting infrastructures to meet the current needs of Laval residents.

This building boasts over 1,800 square metres and is made up of several versatile spaces that include a dance hall and a community kitchen. In addition, spaces were set up for the Maison des jeunes de Sainte-Dorothée drop-in centre and for children’s activities.

Groupe Brosseau Vitrerie is proud to have worked on the construction of this new public building and took pride in applying best practices in accordance with LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) requirements for sustainable construction projects that offer a healthier indoor environment. The required energy efficiency and watertight tests were also passed.

The aim of this large-scale project involved the design and installation of curved curtain walls, glass partitions, 12 mm-thick glass ramps and building guards with aluminum saddles and stainless-steel handrails, and the manufacture and installation of made-to-measure commercial doors.

Works carried out

Curved curtain walls
Doors and hardware
Glass partitions
Glass ramps and building guards



General Contractor

Consortium MR Canada Ltd.


Bergeron Bouthillier Inc.


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